San Franscisco's Sanctuary City Laws Might Protect Suspected Serial Rapist From ICE

As reported by the Daily Caller 

"Don Rosenberg, whose son Drew was killed by an illegal immigrant, spoke out against San Francisco’s sanctuary laws Thursday and said they could shield a suspected serial rapist from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Orlando Lazo, an illegal immigrant and former Lyft driver, has been charged with rape by force of violence, sexual penetration by a foreign object, kidnapping and kidnapping to commit another crime, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. He is being held without bail. (RELATED: Man Whose Son Was Slain By Illegal Immigrant Blames Media, California And Democrats)

Due to San Francisco’s immigration laws, local law enforcement is not required to alert ICE if he is released from prison, which could pose a serious threat to the public.

“San Francisco would have a choice in this case,” Rosenberg told “Fox & Friends.” “If he’s just let out, the charges are dropped or he’s acquitted in a trial, then there’s no requirement whatsoever for San Francisco to notify ICE. But, if he is convicted, and he, you know, has a multi-year term, the sanctuary state law restricts who San Francisco, or any jurisdiction in California, can report. But they are not required to.”"