Californians are Revolting Against SB 54

In April, the small city of Los Alamitos sparked a revolt against SB 54, California's so-called "sanctuary" bill, by approving an ordinance to exempt the city from California's sanctuary laws, which give "sanctuary" to immigrants in the country illegally. In the ensuing months, dozens of cities, counties, and local municipalities in California have openly revolted against the state's sanctuary laws. 



Californian Municipalities
Opposing Sanctuary Laws


Cities Opposed to Sanctuary Laws


Counties Opposed to Sanctuary Laws
  Filed Amicus Brief
  Filed or Joined Lawsuit
  Opted Out/Declared Itself Exempt
  Passed Resolution

This map tracks cities and counties that are challenging California’s “sanctuary” laws through legal and political actions.


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Don Rosenberg, father of the deceased Drew Rosenberg, and Californians for Population Stabilization (CAPS) launched TV commercials in the Sacramento area asking President Trump to withhold federal funds from sanctuary cities like San Francisco. The TV ads are scheduled to run for several weeks.