ACLU Attempts To Intervene In Sanctuary State Litigation

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American Civil Liberty Union officials have filed an appeal of an Orange County Superior Court judge’s ruling siding with Huntington Beach in its lawsuit against the state’s California Values Act. Huntington Beach officials argue that the state does not have the constitutional right to impose its law on their police force because Huntington Beach is a charter city.

So-called general law cities cannot adopt ordinances that supersede state law, but charter cities have more authority to establish their own laws that differ from state laws.

“As a charter city we’re allowed to have unfettered control over our police force,” Huntington Beach City Attorney Michael Gates said.

ACLU attorney Sameer Ahmed said the organization’s appeal also attempts to hitch its lawsuit against the city of Los Alamitos to any appellate court ruling. The ACLU has sued Los Alamitos, which is also a charter city, for voting to opt out of the California Values Act.

Orange County Superior Court Judge James Crandall on Monday rejected the ACLU’s motion for a new trial on behalf of several local citizens. That prompted the ACLU’s appeal.

“We represent the residents of cities of Huntington Beach and Los Alamitos and we filed a notice of appeal to challenge the superior court’s ruling striking down the California Values Act as it applies to Huntington Beach,” Ahmed said.

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