The Media Needs To Stop Hiding The Truth About Illegal Immigrant Crime

Originally published at The Federalist.

A man in a Texan prison, already charged with murdering an 81-year-old woman, was charged in May with murdering 11 more elderly women ranging in age from 76 to 94. The accused serial killer, Billy Chemirmir, worked in home health care and allegedly posed as a maintenance worker to gain access to his victims’ homes.

Chemirmir is accused of smothering his victims with a pillow, then stealing their jewelry and other valuables. Dallas police are now reevaluating 750 other cases in which elderly people died alone, to determine if Chemirmir may have been involved.

This awful story should have been big national news. It wasn’t. Chemirmir is a Kenyan citizen living illegally in the United States and hadn’t been deported despite two prior jail stints for driving while intoxicated convictions, plus another for assaulting a girlfriend.

Because Chemirmir used pillows, not guns, to kill his victims, his crimes presented no opportunity for gun-control advocates to manipulate the story. To be blunt, his race (black), legal status (illegal), and murder weapon (pillows) were all factors that ensured that this story wouldn’t receive the attention it would have if these factors were otherwise.

CNN, USA Today, MSNBC, NPR, The Daily Beast, BuzzFeed, Huffington Post, and many other news outlets ignored the story. NBC News referred to Chemirmir as a “Texas man” and made no mention of his illegal status. The Washington Post didn’t mention his immigration status until around the 20th paragraph of their article on it.

CBS reported on the story a year ago but didn’t mention that he was illegally present, and hasn’t covered it since. ABC News failed to identify Chemirmir as an illegal alien, and only briefly mentioned as an aside near the end of their story that he “also has an immigration hold against him.”

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