Letter prompts Fort Collins to set record straight on whether it's a sanctuary city

As reported by the Coloradoan

A national nonprofit that bills itself as boosting public support for law enforcement is fundraising off of Fort Collins' supposed sanctuary city status.

The problem: Fort Collins has not formally declared itself a sanctuary city.

"The City of Fort Collins does not have policies or procedures to shelter illegal immigrants, nor does Fort Collins Police Services have restrictive policies in regard to prosecuting illegal immigrants," a letter from Mayor Wade Troxell and City Manager Darin Atteberry to the National Police Association reads. "Fort Collins Police Services cooperates with the enforcement of federal immigration law."

A sanctuary city generally limits its cooperation with federal immigration authorities. Fort Collins Police Services policy prohibits officers from asking about immigration status of crime victims and witnesses or taking action against them based on immigration status. The policy does not prohibit cooperation with federal, state or local law enforcement and government agencies.

The National Police Association sent a letter to at least one Fort Collins resident asking for donations "since you live in or next to a Sanctuary Area." The letter argues the group's work "might one day prevent you, a loved one, or a neighbor from being the victim of crime."

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